6.6V 1000mAh LiFePO4 Receiver RC Battery Vapex

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6.6V 1000mAh LiFePO4 receiver battery Fitted with Futaba plug as standard 53.0 x 30.6 x 17.0mm weight 46g.
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Exceptionally high quality lithium-ferric-phosphate (LiFePO4) receiver battery pack. 
Arguably this is one of the best battery technologies currently available to the modeller. These
battery packs have a similar power to weight ratio to lithium-polymer (Lipo) batteries, but are
far more tolerant to over & under charging. In extreme situations where a lipo battery may ignite,
a LiFe battery will most likely just vent some harmless gas.
LiFe batteries have low self discharge & at 6.6V the battery is better suited to receiver use than
the 7.4V of a 2 cell lipo.

As standard this battery is supplied with a Futaba type connector, however, we can supply this
battery with other connectors. Just let us know what you need before ordering.
The balance lead is fitted with a 3-pin JST-XH type connector.








Max Discharge Current:

3C Continuous

 6C Burst

Max Charge Current:



Max Charged Voltage:


3.2V per cell

Min Discharged Voltage:


2.8V per cell

Futaba & JST-XH:


22awg silicon leads.


The battery is supplied with detailed instructions for safe use, 
charging & storage, please take a few minutes & read them 

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