Advanced LED Strip RGB controller

Functions: Pre-set colours, Fade, Brightness, Custom colours, Pre-set effects, Vary speed, Custom effects.

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Led Color RGB
Voltage 12v
Wattage 24W/Ch
Power Usage in Off or Standby State Less than 1W
Power Rating Max Amps 2A/Ch
Power Rating Max Watts 72 Watts
Output Power 6A 72 Watts Total
Number Of Chanels 3
Rated Amps / Ch 2A/Ch
Recommended Power Supply Size 1-6A (12-72 Watt)
Connections Input/Output

Input: Use our barrel plug 12V DC (our power supplies plug into this port) or our female barrel plug for connecting to 12v DC car, truck, motorcycle, and boat batteries.

IR Receiver: The receiver is on a cord so that it can be placed in view even if the receiver is behind doors.

Output: Has 4-Pin jack for connecting to our RGB Flex Strips (you can solder our 4-Pin connector to the strip and plug in this remote).


Note: Ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power

Power Input: Connection Type, Voltage, Amperage Barrel Plug 12V DC
Output Connection Type 4-Pin Jack for our 4-Pin Connectors
Can Power/Control (xx) Feet of strip Can control 32' of our 12V RGB Flex Strip.
Controllable By IR Remote (infrared remote - like a TV remote it does not go through walls)
Number Of Control Modes 44 Buttons
Mode/Button Decription


The key-press functions are shown in the table below (in accordance with the key position order):

Brightness rise 
(a total of eight steps) 
(will adjust pink squares) 

Brightness fall 
(a total of eight steps) 
(will adjust pink squares)

(Will pause fade or flash to stay on that color)







Light green

Dark blue

Milk white

Dark yellow


Lyons blue

White pink


Light blue


Green white

Light yellow   

Sky blue


Blue white

Increase Red

Increase Green

Increase Blue

Speed up 
(Will adjust Light Blue squares)

Decrease Red

Decrease Green

Decrease Blue

Speed down 
(Will adjust Light Blue squares)

DIY key1

DIY key2

DIY key3

Automatic change 
(cycles through fade/flash modes)

DIY key4

DIY key5

DIY key6

White strobe

3 color jumping change

7 color jumping change

3 color fading change

7 color fading change


The DIY (do it yourself) key, when pressed for the first time, will enter the DIY color mode.  You can adjust each individual color brightness with the 6 keys shown above.  However, if another key is pressed it will jump out of DIY color mode without saving your settings.  In order to save the color which you have just created, you must press the same DIY key which you originally selected once again within 5sec.  The next time this key is pressed, it will display the color which you saved the last time.  There are 6 DIY keys, so you can save your favorite 6 colors/brightnesses.

Dimmable Range / Steps 8x steps of dimming control in normal mode and full 0-100% in DIY mode
Product Size (L)x(W)x(H) (Receiver L63ΧW35ΧH22 mm) (Remote L125ΧW56ΧH7mm)
Comes With Remote Control and Receiver
Suggested Accessories Can be used with amplifiers to control more than 2x reels (10 meters) of RGB flex strip
More Information
Capacity (mAh) No
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Manufacturer No
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