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3.3V 2500mAh A123 LiFePO4 (26650) Single Cell

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Dimensions: 65.5 x 26 mm
Weight: 70g


ANR26650 Cylindrical Cell


Nominal voltage  3.3V
Nominal capacity  2.5Ah
Nominal dimensions  26mm Ø x 66.5mm
Nominal cell weight 70g

Cell charging parameters: CC-CV fconstant current - constant voltage):

Recommended charge current (0°C to 60°C ambient temp):  3A
Recommended charge voltage: 3.6V
Recommended float charge voltage: 3.45V
Recommended cut-off current for CV hold (indicating 100% SOC):  0.05A
Maximum continuous charge current (20°C to 60°C ambient):  10A
Maximum allowable charge voltage: 4.2V MAX 
Fast charge time: 15 minutes

Cell discharging parameters f-30°C to +60°C ambient temperature)

Recommended discharge cut-off voltage: 2.0V
Maximum continuous discharge current: 60A

Cell temperature parameters (skin temperature)

Maximum recommended cell temperature: 70°C
Maximum allowable cell temperature: 85°C
Allowable storage temperature range: -50°C to +60°C

Before joining cells together please read the below instructions:

Cells are shipped at 50% state of charge (SOC). All cells that are being joined together within the same string must be at the same SOC. If not, the string will be unbalanced and cell damage and/or reduced capacity may result. If the SOC of the cells are not known, the best way to be sure a string is balanced is to individually charge each cell to 100% SOC before building them into strings.

Recommended charge method: CC-CV

The cell should be charged at the recommended charge current until the normal charge voltage is reached. Apply a constant voltage hold at the recommended charge voltage until the cut-off current for CV hold is reached (or 30 minutes, whichever comes first). The cell will be charged to 100% SOC.

Recommended float charge method

If the voltage of the cell is to be held at the charge voltage (after reaching 100% state of charge) for prolonged periods of time, the charge voltage should be lowered to the recommended float-charge voltage.

Recommended fast charge method

Charge the cell at the maximum continuous charge current untill the maximum recommended charge voltage is reached. Apply a constant voltage hold at the maximum recommended cell voltage untill the total charge time reaches the fast charge time. The cell will be charged to over 96% SOC. Fast charge should not be attempted outside the recommended temperature range and should be stopped if the cell exceeds the maximum allowable cell temperature.

Recommended discharge method

For optimum life, the cell should not be continuously discharged fester than the maximum cell continuous discharge current or allowed to self heat greater than the maximum recommended cell temperature. Operation above the max recommended cell temperature will result in degraded cell performance and life. Discharge should be stopped when the cell reaches the maximum allowable cell temperature. Operation above the maximum allowable cell temperature will result in physical damage to the cell. At low temperatures the maximum available discharge current will decrease.
The cell can be discharged at greater than the maximum continuous discharge current in pulses, but the cell should not be allowed to exceed the maximum allowable cell temperature. During pulse discharges the cell voltage can safely fall below 2V per cell. Although it is safe to discharge the cell below the recommended discharge cut-off voltage, the cell should not be left at this level.

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