3A Automatic Desk-Top Charger for 6V & 12V sealed lead-acid SLA batteries

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Charge current of 3,000mA makes this ideal for larger sealed lead-acid batteries. Suitable for 7~20Ah SLA (VRLA) Batteries. Intelligent 3-stage charge process ensures accurate fast charging. LEDs show charge process & when complete.

High spec charger for 6V & 12V (7~20Ah) lead-acid batteries:

  • Charges 6V & 12V sealed lead-acid batteries (selected by switch)
  • 3-stage automatic charging process ensures fast, efficient charging
  • 240V Mains with UK 3-pin plug. (accepts  90V - 264V ac)
  • 3,000mA output.


Supplied with the following.

  • Heavy duty Crocodile clip lead
  • 3-Stage Charging Process (for 12V Batteries):
  • 1st step constant current charge, fast bulk charging.
  • 2nd stage constant voltage charge at 14.5V to fully charge battery
  • 3rd stage 13.8V constant voltage float charge. Final stage to ensure battery fully charged. Will not overcharge the batter if left on charge at this voltage.


  • Output Voltage: 6.9V & 13.8V
  • Output voltage range: 5V~7.5V & 10V~15V
  • Suitable for: 6V & 12V Lead Batteries (SLA, VLRA)  7~20Ah
  • Charging current (stage1): 3.0±0.3@12V
  • Charging voltage (stage2): 7.3V & 14.5V±0.25V
  • Floating voltage (stage3): 6.9V & 13.8V±0.20V
  • Cut-off current (stage2→3): <0.70+-0.05A
  • Max.output power: 48W
  • LED color: Red: charging Green: finish/idle
  • Output protect: OCP & OVP & Reverse input protection
  • Typical charging time: 8Hrs
Weight: 250g
Dimensions: 120×60×37mm (casing only)
Crocodille clips max opening: approx 20mm
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