500mA Smart Charger for 12V-24V race Packs (10-20 cell Pack)

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Charges 10-20 cell NiCd or NiMH battery packs. (12-24V) Delta-Peak microprocessor controlled charging, switches to trickle charge once pack is charged. 500mA charging current Mains 230V UK 3-pin plug

Universal Battery Pack Charger: 12V-24V; 500mA

Extremely versatile, high quality design, with the following features:

  • It is a Universal Charger for any NIMH battery packs from 12V-24V ( 10-20 cell pack). 
  • 100-240V AC input for worldwide use.
  • Designed for use with 12V-24V Battery Packs. Please don't charge battery pack under 12V or over 24V. Please don't charge battery pack with capacity lower than 1000mAh and higher than 5000mAh. 
  • Automatically detect battery pack's-Voltage; 
  • Green LED will flash slowly when no battery is plugged in. Red LED will be on during charging. Green LED will be on when battery is fully charged. Red LED will flash when the charger recognizes the battery as damaged or voltage is below 12V. LED will be off if short circuit or polarity is reversed. 
  • Automatically cut-off by negative delta V detecting or when battery's temperature is over 60°C ; when battery pack gets fully charged, Green LED will be on. 
  • 15-hour safety timer, charger will stop charging after operates 15 hours. 
  • For 1000mAh battery pack, charging time is about 150mins; For 2000mAh battery pack, charging time is about 300 mins. 
  • One standard Tamiya male connector installed with the charger. Ideal for charging all 12V to 24V RC car, airsoft gun battery packs. 
  • It is a universal charger. Just plug in battery and wait for it being charged. 
  • Dimensions: 38x61x119mm (HxWxL) 
  • Net weight: 236g 

Operation Instruction:

  • Connect battery pack to output connector and plug AC power source 
  • Make sure battery polarity is connected correctly (Red wire is positive) 
  • When charger connects to the AC source, the red LED flash for one time and green LED flash. 
  • After it connect the correct battery pack, the red LED will be on, shows that it is charging. 


  1. Please don't use the charger for low capacity battery pack (<1000mAh). 
  2. Please don't use the charger for high capacity battery pack (>5000mAh). 
  3. Highly recommend using high drain rate battery pack. We are not responsible for any damage caused by charging other brand battery using this charger. 
  4. If using the charger for airsoft gun mini battery packs, then the enclosed reverse airsoft gun adapter needs to be used for the correct charging polarity. 
  5. Pay attention to battery surface temperature. Stop charging when it is over 60°C or it feels very hot. 
  6. Keep an eye on the battery pack when charging


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