9.6V 2550mAh AA NiMH Eneloop PRO Square (2x2x2) RC Transmitter Battery Pack

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Dimensions (L x D x H): 100.5 x 29.1 x 29.1mm; Weight: 248g

4th Generation eneloop PRO from Panasonic [BK-3HCDE],  the latest version in the superb range of high capacity award winningeneloop rechargeable batteries. The 4th Generation eneloop PRO battery from Panasonic has a minimum capacity of 2500mAh (typical capacity 2550mAh) and is generally considered to be the ultimate professional standard AA battery available anywhere today.

What is "Low-Self-Discharge" technology?

There are a number of people who would have you believe that this is "new technology" & somehow better than all that has gone before. Well here are the facts.....

This technology has been around since 2007 - we have been selling them for that long.
The term low self discharge means that the battery will not run down after being charged anything like as fast as a conventional NiMH or NiCd rechargeable battery would. After being charged, these batteries will typically retain 85% of that charge after 12 months, and 70% after 5 years, this makes them ideal for applications where they receive occasional light use, basically after being left for a couple of months you can just pick up where you left off.
Sounds good? Well as in all things that seem great there is always a catch - this is what the other guys selling this type of battery don't tell you - due to a combination of them not understanding the product & not wanting to lose a sale.
There are principally 3 down-sides:

1) The batteries have a lower capacity than standard NiMH types - typically around 10 - 20% lower. If your batteries get used very frequently, these are not the best choice, you will get better perfomence from the standard 2600mAh types such as the ones we sell.
2) The batteries cannot be fast charged in the same way that conventional NiMH types can. We recommend that these packs be charged at no more than 1,000mA
3) The packs cannot provide the same current output as standard types, so this makes them unsuitable for motor applications, or other high current uses.

Hope that this explanation helps, feel free to ask us any questions & we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Capacity (typical):


Measured at 400mA (0.2C)

Capacity (minimal)






Max Discharge Current:


Limit 3,000mA with Futaba/JST connector

Max Charge Current:



Internal Resistance:

<225 mOhms

At full charge


This battery pack is supplied as standard with a Futaba style connector on flexible wire. 
We can supply this with other connectors such as JST on request, or even with multiple 
combinations of connector.

Panasonic Eneloop Batteries Leaflet: Panasonic Eneloop Batteries Leaflet

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9.6V 2550mAh AA NiMH Eneloop PRO Square (2x2x2) RC Transmitter Battery Pack