BR0603C 17000KV Brushless Motor Racerstar

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17000 KV (rpm/V), Suitable for 1S Lipo Shaft dia < 0.8mm mm, Dimensions(Dia. x Length:Φ9mm x 15.4mm) Weight: 1.78g


  • Very Light at 1.78 grams
  • Double E-Clip design
  • Long Service Life
  • Compatible for a quadricopter 
  • Perfect Dynamic Balancing Operation,
  • Minimal Motor Maintenance Required
  • Low Current


ModelKV*Weight (g)Shaft Dia. (mm)

Length of extend

shaft (mm)

Dimensions (Diameter x Length)

BR0603C170001.780.859mm x 15.4mm

 is the motor velocity constant, measured in RPM per volt (not to be confused with kV, the abbreviation for kilovolt). The Kv rating of a brushless motor is the ratio of the motor's unloaded RPM to the peak (not RMS) voltage on the wires connected to the coils (theback-EMF). For example, an unloaded motor of Kv, 5,700 RPM/V, supplied with 11.1 V, will run at a nominal 63,270 RPM (5,700 RPM/V × 11.1 V).
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