High Power High Voltage Reducer DC (16-40v to 1-12V)

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Reduce Voltage from 16 - 40V down to 1 - 12V adjustable

This unit is extremely easy to use, simply connect the positive & negative input wires to the terminals as shown on the picture above & do the same for the output wires.

To adjust the output voltage you will need a small screwdriver & multimeter. Simply connect the multimeter to the output terminals with a suitable battery connected to the input & adjust the multi-turn potentiometer to get the desired output voltage, (anti-clockwise to reduce the output voltage.)

Once the output voltage has been set, it will remain at that level regardless of the input voltage - unless the input voltage drops to within approx 0.3V of the output voltage, in which case the output voltage will decrease.

Input: 16 -40V

Output: 1 - 12V

Output Current: 6A (max 7A)*

Weight: 48g

Dimensions (L x W x H): 68 x 43 x 21mm

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High Power High Voltage Reducer DC (16-40v to 1-12V)