P93 High-Power Multi Controller ACTion Electronics®

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A truly multi-function module, this unit will do ANY of the following jobs: Conventional Electronic Speed Controller 6v to 24v; Maximum current 10A can be increased to 20A with upgraded heat-sinks. Three different peak-power settings. Thruster Drives any application where a motor is required to run in each direction from one transmitter channel. Output voltage is selectable to suit standard commercial bow thruster from either 6v, 7.2v, 12v or 24v battery. Switcher 10A twin-switch with selectable latching or momentary operation on either output. A special Limit Switch Module (P93M) is available. Mode selection is via on-board 4-way DIL switch. Case size 74 x 50 x 28mm. Screwdriver connections.
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P93 High-Power Multi Controller ACTion Electronics®