P98 High-Power Electronic Speed Controller ACTion Electronics®

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P98 was developed primarily at the request of our Australian agents, Darke Horse Model Supplies, to use with their fan-cooled, planetary-geared 785 motors. These run on power supplies from a humble 12v up to a mind-boggling 20 cells (30v+), although their current consumption is relatively modest. Our Design Consultant, Dr Tim Fawcett, has broadened the specification and also included some very useful features, with the result that the P98 is probably the most "controllable" speed controller on the market anywhere in the world. Specifications are: Motor voltage 12v Min; 32v Max Motor Current 30A Max Continuous; 140A Surge Rx Supply voltage 5.0v Min/6.0v Max User-selected functions (via on-board DIL switches): 1) Standard/Offset neutral transition speed 2) Linear/Non-linear acceleration curve 3) Standard/Extended speed range 4) Normal width/Wide neutral (dead-band). Case size 74mm x 50mm x 28mm (+30mm for heat-sink fins). Screw terminal connections. Accessories (Available separately) P99 In-line 5v Voltage Regulator P98W Heat-sink water-cooling set

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P98 High-Power Electronic Speed Controller ACTion Electronics®