Universal Smart LCD Charger for 4x AA / AAA / C / D and 2x PP3 NiMH Batteries Vapex

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Charges 1-4 AAA / AA / C / D and 1-2 PP3 NiMH batteries. LCD display shows the charging status of each individual battery. Comes with interchangeable plugs for UK / EU / US and AUS and also with Car Adapter

Universal Smart LCD NiMH Charger - Worldwide Use

Powered by External AC Adaptor (Input: 100-240V AC) for worldwide use

The interchangeable plugs Power Supply can be used in UK, Europe, US and Australia.

Powered by Car Adaptor to be charged in a vehicle.

Special Design to FAST charge both 8.4V and 9.6V PP3 Batteries, -dV auto cut-off

Your AAA/AA/C/D/PP3 Battery Charger is designed to charge Vapex Tech NiMH rechargeable batteries rated to 2900mAh(A), 1100mAh (AAA), 5000mAh (C), 10000mAh (D), 8.4V-280mAh(PP3), 9.6V-220mAh (PP3). The batteries will be fully-charged by Microprocessor-Control System for AAA/AA/C/D/PP3 batteries, You can change 1/2/3/4 AAA/AA/C/D or 1/2pcs 8.4V or 9.6V PP3 NiMH batteries simultaneously.


  • Specially designed with LCD Battery Indicator.

  • Powered by the supplied Switching mode AC Adaptor when using at indoor or by the supplied DC Car Adaptor when using in a vehicle.

  • Recharges 1 piece to 4 pieces of AA/AAA/C/D Ni-MH batteries and 1 to 2 pieces of 8.4V or 9.6V cells (Ni-MH) at a time.

  • 4 Individual charging channels for AA / AAA / C / D and 2 individual charging channels for 9V cells.
  • Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled - Batteries life well protected by negative delta V cut-off function and timer protection.

  • Defective and Non-rechargeable battery detection.

  • LCD display with Blue color bacKLight and designed with:
    • Battery Charging Status indication

    • Charge: when battery is in charging status

    • Full: when battery is fully charged.

    • BAD: when detects wrong cells

Safety Features

  • Negative delta V cut -off function for AAA/AA/C/D/PP3 size batteries

  • Peak Voltage Cut Off

  • Safety timer to prevent over charge

  • Short circuit protection

  • Reverse-polarity protection

  • Bad cell Detection

Charge current:Ni-MHCharging Time
AAA size: 800mAAAA 1100m Ah1.3 hours
AA size :800mAAA2900mAh3.3 hours
C size: 800mAC 5000mAh6.5 hours
C 4000mAh5.3 hours
C 2500mAh3.5 hours
D size: 800mAD 10000m Ah13.3 hours
D 8000mAh11 hours
D 5000mAh6.5 hours
D 4000mAh5.5 hours
PP3 (8.4V & 9.6V): 50mAPP3 (8.4V) 280mAh6 hours
PP3( 9.6V) 220mAh4.5 hours
PP3( 8.4V) 200mAh4.2 hours
PP3 (8.4V) 170mAh3.8 hours
Detect Method-AV auto cut-off for AAA, AA, C, D, PP3 size batteries
For battery Type

AAA 500-1100mAh

AA 1300-2900mAh

C 1300-5000mAh

D 1300-10000mAh

Batteries not included.

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Universal Smart LCD Charger for 4x AA / AAA / C / D and 2x PP3 NiMH Batteries Vapex