Vapex FAST LCD Charger for AA / AAA / PP3 NiMH Batteries

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from 1.8 Hours for AA Batteries, 1.3 Hours for AAA Batteries, 3.7 Hours for PP3 Battery
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VTE800 VapexTech battery charger is designed to charge AA / AAA / PP3 NiMH rechargeable batteries . This charger uses microprocesor controlled charging cycle to ensure your batteries are fully charger. You can change 1-4 AA / AAA or 1-2 PP3 (8.4v and 9.6v) NiMH batteries simultaneously.

Main Features :

  • Recharges 1 to 4 pieces of AA / AAA or 1-2 PP3 Ni-MH batteries at a time. 
  • The Microprocessor Control protects batteries with a combination of PVD (peak Voltage Dectection) and -ΔV detection circuit for safe charging. 
  • Non-rechargeable battery detection. 
  • Automatic trickle charge after full charge, CURRENT-50mA.
  • LCD Displays the 5 charging Levels (with BLUE Light Backlight) 

Safety Features :

  1.  –-ΔV cut-off function 
  2. Safety timer shut off 
  3. Reverse-polarity protection 
  4. Bad Cell detection



Qty Charging Current  CapacityCharging Time
 AA1-2pcs800mA 2900 mAh 4 hours
 AA3-4pcs400mA 2900 mAh 8 hours
 AA1-2pcs800mA 2500 mAh 3.5 hours
 AA3-4pcs400mA 2500 mAh 7 hours
 AA1-2pcs800mA 2000 mAh 2.8 hours
 AA3-4pcs400mA 2000 mAh 5.6 hours
 AA1-2pcs800mA 1300 mAh 1.8 hours
 AA3-4pcs400mA 1300 mAh 3.6 hours
AAA1-2pcs800mA1100mAh1.5 hours
 AA1-2pcs800mA 950 mAh 2 hours
 AAA3-4pcs400mA 950 mAh 4 hours
 AAA1-2pcs800mA 800 mAh 1.8 hours
 AAA3-4pcs400mA 800 mAh 3.6 hours
 AAA1-2pcs800mA 600 mAh 1.3 hours
 AAA3-4pcs400mA 600 mAh 2.6 hours
8.4V PP31-2pcs50mA280 mAhhours
8.4V PP31-2pcs50mA200 mAh4.4 hours
8.4V PP31-2pcs50mA170 mAh3.7 hours
9.6V PP31-2pcs50mA220 mAh4.8 hours

 *Charge time will vary depending upon the brand, capacity and condition of batteries being charged.



  • Power supply : Input: 100-240V/AC, 50/60 Hz 
  • Charge rate:
    • AA: 800mA
    • AAA: 400mA
    • PP3 : 50mA

Dimensions:103 x 61 x 60mm (inc. plug)

Weight: 85g

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Vapex FAST LCD Charger for AA / AAA / PP3 NiMH Batteries