Voltage Booster with Blue LED Display (Input 3.5V-30V Output up to 30V) 72W

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Run 12V LED strips, 24V smoke generators etc. from a lower voltage (input 3.5 - 30V, output up to 30V adjustable)

This unit is extremely easy to use, simply connect the positive & negative input wires to the terminals as shown on the picture above & do the same for the output wires.
As default the unit is supplied set to give 12V output (regardless of what the input voltage is - as long as it is no morę than 12V)

To adjust the output voltage you will need a small flat-blade screwdriver. Simply connect a suitable battery to the input & adjust the multi-turn potentiometer to get the desired output voltage. (anti-clockwise to reduce the output voltage.)

Once the output voltage has been set, it will remain at that level regardless of the input voltage - unless the input voltage is within 0.3V or above the output voltage, in which case the output voltage will increase.

Display select switch: There is a small push button switch on the lower right-hand cornet of the board. Press this once & a small red LED on the board just above the switch will light & the display will now show the input voltage. Press this button again & the display will show input voltage for a couple of seconds, followed by output voltage, then back to input voltage etc. The small red LED is lit every time the input voltage is being displayed.
Holding the button pressed for approx’ 4 seconds will tum the display off (but not the unit itself) a short press to the button switches the display back on.


  • Input voltage range: 3.5V - 30V
  • Output Voltage range: 3.5V - 30V (the output must be greater than the input)
  • Output power: 100W maximum - limited by input current which should be no morę than 6A (10A peak)
  • Voltage meter accuracy: ±(0.5% + 1 digit)
Input VoltageMax output current (12V)Max output current (24V)
3.7V 1.9A 0.9A
 6V 3.0A 1.5A
 7.2V 3.6A 1.8A
 7.4V 3.7A 1.9A
 8.4V 4.2A 2.1A
 9.6V 4.8A 2.4A
 11.1V 5.6A 2.8A
 12V - 3.0A

Notę: Although this unit is very efficient (85 - 95% efficiency) there is still a smali amount of power lost, which is in the form of heat. It is therefore important, especially under heavy loads, that the heat sinks (aluminium fins) are not covered so that air can circulate.

Weight: 35g

Dimensions (L x W x H): 67 x 43 x 17mm

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