Transmitters and Receivers

Sometimes all you need is an affordable, reliable transmitter that gets the job done and offers the basic functions needed for RC operation. In this case, the transmitter of choice would be the Planet TS2+2 2-Channel Transmitter. It's affordable, great for beginners and very versatile. 

If you’re in need of a transmitter that’s just as straightforward to use but offers a superior transmission rate and more channels - the RadioLink T8FB-BT 8-Channel Transmitter is the one for you – it’s also perfect for all R/C disciplines from aircraft to quadcopters, through boats, cars and even trucks and locomotives.

The RadioLink AT9S Pro 12-Channel Transmitter is for those who know exactly what they are looking for in a transmitter. It includes many extra features and specs and has an impressive control distance of about 900m on the ground and 3000m in the air. It’s optimized for flying virtually any type of aircraft but can also be used for RC boats and cars.



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