1.2V 4000mAh C size NiMH Low Self Discharge Battery (single) Vapex Instant

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Latest low-self-discharge battery technology, now available as a high capacity C size cell.
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These rechargeable batteries can be charger up to 1000 times. They hold 80% of their capacity after 6 months and 70% after 12 months (depends on storage condition)

Vapex “instant” Batteries are the latest in rechargeable battery technology from one of the very few  companies in the world capable of producing this latest innovation in rechargeable battery technology.

It is well known that high quality NiMH rechargeable batteries outperform disposable ones (including even the very best alkaline batteries) in power hungry gadgets such as digital cameras, but there were 2 areas where they had problems..

  1. They had to be charged before first use.
  2. Once charged they would run down without even being put in anything, typically losing around 25% of the stored energy per month. Not really a problem when you are charging them frequently, but for low power or occasional uses this could become inconvenient.

Vapex “Instant” batteries utilise a new technology which solves these problems.The batteries are supplied charged, so just use them straight after purchase
The batteries discharge at a much slower rate than conventional NiMH batteries, so even a year after being charged there is still most of the initial charge available.

Charge Current

Approx charge time from empty battery


15 hours


3.5 hours



Detailed Technical Specifications:


Nominal Voltage



Max. Charge Voltage


at standard charge (0.1C/20°C

Normal Charge

max. 400mA

 approx 15 hrs.

Quick Charge*

max. 1200mA

approx 3.5 Hours






discharge at 0.2C (800mA)



discharge at 1C (4A)



discharge at 0.2C (1.0V end discharge voltage, ambient temperature 20°C)

Max discharge current


ambient temperature 20 .. 50°C

Life Expectancy

>1000 Cycles

IEC Standard

*It's not recommended to quick charge these batteries too often as it may decrease their life expectancy

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