2.5mm Fibre Optic Cable (side glow)

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Recommended minimum bend radius 50mm
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Perfect to get little points of light into difficult places & for creating tiny light effects. The actual light source can be hidden some distance away, then simply use the fibre to channel the light to where it is wanted. This fibre is made from a specialised, durable plastic material, so it can be cut to the required length with a sharp craft knife, then simply point one end at the light source & the light comes out of the other. The fibre is flexible & can be bent around to reach its destination, which has no effect on the light transmission (think of it as a hose pipe but for light rather than water) Multiple fibres can be clustered around a single light source, to take light around a model.

This is sold by the metre - cut from the roll, so if you buy 3 metres you will receive a single piece 3 metres long, NOT 3 one metre packs!

The best light sources to use are high brightness LEDs due to the high light output from a tiny source also the fact that they run cold & so do not effect the material that the fibre is made from.


To get the best light output make sure that the ends of the fibre are cut cleanly & square.
To get points of light along the length of the fibre, simply nick it with a file, the deeper the cut, the more light will come out - be careful as this will weaken the fibre.

This fibre is very flexible & will happily bend to a radius of about 20x its diameter i.e. for a 1.0mm fibre it will bent to a radius of 20mm, tighter bends are possible, however the fibre may become permanently bent (not a problem for a permanent installation) although with very tight bends there will be some light lost through the sides of the fibre at the bend. If you need to make a tight bend it is advisable to warm the fibre, which will make it more flexible.

LEDs make ideal light sources. A piece of heatshrink sleeve is ideal to hold the fibre in place at the end of the LED - although you can get away with nothing more sophisticated than a piece of sticky tape!  

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2.5mm Fibre Optic Cable (side glow)