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5A (max 7.5A) 3 in 1 Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (UBEC)

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5A (max 7.5A) 3 in 1 Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (UBEC)

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Quick Overview

Input: 3s / 4s / 6s Lipo
UBEC Output: 5V or 6V 5A (Max 7.5A)
Low voltage alarm: 3.3V or 3.5V / cell Lipo
Alarm LED: 0.2W On the boards & 1W Plug
7 segment LED Display Power
Weight: 33g


This product is three-in-one electronic peripheral of airmodels including highly effective voltage-stabilizing UBEC (rated at 5A), seven-segment electric quantity display device and low-voltage alarm (flash) for battery groups. Besides, this product has many functions such as output short-circuit protection, overheating protection, reverse polarity connection protection and output voltage limits, etc.


  • The switching frequency of efficient and switch-stabilizing power supply chips is 350KHZ and the efficiency reaches up to 92%. In addition, these chips have protective functions such as short-circuit protection and overheating protection.
  • The product has UBEC output indicator. The indicator light will be on when the UBEC output is normal. 
  • The precise and striking seven-segment electric quantity display can have a real-time and accurate reflection of the voltage condition of power batteries.
  • The precise battery low-voltage flash alarm has onboard LED (0.5W), external high-power LED flash module (1W) and external flash module which can be installed in any places of the model. Furthermore, it provides extraordinarily striking flash alarm indication.
  • It has output voltage limiting functions. Even if the transfer switch is damaged, the output voltage will be restraint at 6V and no other airborne equipment will be damaged for excessive voltage.
  • This three-in-one UBEC only occupies a receiver channel (throttle channel) and it doesn’t need to take up extra channel.
  • The external flash module and three-in-one UBEC can be directly pluged into the three-prong row pin socket irrespective of the wiring order. Of course, you can choose not to apply such external flash module.
  • The BEC output cable is matched with filter magnetic ring, which greatly reduces the electromagnetic interference.
  • The product is small and light-weighted.


  • Battery groups switched in: 3-cell, 4-cell, and 6-cell LIPO battery groups. The number of these electric cells is set by special switch and the batteries are set with 3 electric cells when the product leaves the factory.
  • BEC output voltage: 5.3V and 6V output optional. The voltage is set by setting switch and the output voltage is set at 5.3V when the product leaves the factory.
  • BEC rated output current: 5A; maximum output current: 7.5A.
  • Displayed voltage value of seven-segment electric quantity display device: 3.8V —3.2V/CELL LIPO (electric helicopter type) or 4.0V—3.4V/CELL LIPO (multi-rotor aircraft type).
  • Threshold voltage of low-voltage alarm for battery groups: 3.5V/3.3V/CELL LIPO (electric helicopter type) or 3.7V/3.5V/CELL LIPO (multi-rotor aircraft type). The threshold voltage is set by the setting switch, while it is set at 3.5V/CELL LIPO (helicopter style) and 3.7V/CELL LIPO (multi-rotor aircraft style).
  • Battery low voltage alarming method: LED flash alarm, including o.5W onboard LED and external 1W high-power LED flash modules (external 3W flash module is upgraded).
  • Product weight: 33.3g (including the weight of external flash module and all wires).
  • Product dimension: L*W*H=72×25×12mm (excluding external flash module and wires).
  • Quiescent current: 80ma (The seven-segment electric quantity shows that the LED is completely turned on and the LED will be on when UBEC works).
  • Electric quantity displaying and alarming precision: max: 0.05V, typical: 0.03V, min: 0.01V.

Comes with full instruction manual

Additional Information

Capacity (mAh) No
SKU ubec5a3in1
Wire Gauge N/A
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Custom Stock Status No

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