9.6V 3300mAh SC NiMH Cranestock (3+3+2) Airsoft Battery Vapex

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Please Note: This is a Large Battery, please check dimensions before orderingThis pack is made to order and usually dispatched in 3-5 working days.

All our batteries for airsoft use are carefully designed with the specific requirements for airsoft use in mind. The battery must give a high current on demand with minimal drop in voltage, this gives fast reloading i.e high rate of fire (ROF). The battery should also have high capacity to give maximum running time - i.e. maximum shots fired. The last thing you want to worry about is the battery, you just want to charge it, install it & get on with other things! These batteries enable you to do just that.




Measured at 660mA (0.2C)





2x (134 x 26mm) + 86 x 26mm

Measured at its thickest point

Max Discharge Current:


(30 Amps!)

Max Charge Current:


 1.05hrs for empty battery

Internal Resistance:

<31 mOhms

At full charge (4~8 mOhms per cell)

This battery pack is supplied as standard with a Mini-Tamiya style connector on flexible 
14AWG silicon wire. We can supply this with other connectors on request, or even with 
multiple combinations of connector.

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9.6V 3300mAh SC NiMH Cranestock (3+3+2) Airsoft Battery Vapex