Advanced LCD Tester for 12V Lead Acid battery (colour display)

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1 * Upgraded Battery Capacity Indicator Voltmeter with Temperature Display
1 * Cable
1 * Temperature Probe

1. Patented product, using neutral production packaging, the surface is dustproof and waterproof, with full protection of the back cover
2. One-piece display port, anti-puncture sunscreen, soft button feels good experience
3. Colour LCD material, clear light display, soft night display
4. Custom battery type, suitable for lead acid, lithium battery, lifepo4, nickel hydrogen battery
5. Display percentage remaining power, voltage, temperature value (degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit can be set)
6.10-100V wide voltage input, reverse connection protection
7. Custom delay 10-120 seconds sleep
8. Shutdown sleep low power consumption
9. Simple installation, self-contained buckle free screw
10. Low voltage alarm
11. Over temperature alarm (shared built-in buzzer optional)
12. Battery temperature real-time detection (optional external temperature probe)
13. Open programming mode

Product size 61.5*33.5*13.5 mm (2.42*1.32*0.53in)
Mounting size 58.5*28.5 mm (2.30*1.12in)
Display size 33*16.5 mm (1.30*0.65in)
Operating voltage 10V to 100 V
Operating power 8/10 mA backlight on
Delay time adjustable 10~120S ( seconds adjustable)
Sleep power consumption 15/20 uA 20V
Voltage accuracy ±0.1 / ±0.5 %
Temperature accuracy ±0.5 / ±1 °C Built-in standard (external 30CM probe option)
Temperature range -19 ~ 80 °C Celsius
Temperature range -2.2~ 179 °F Fahrenheit
Over temperature alarm adjustable 0 ~ 79 °C (1 second interval after over temperature) buzzer temperature value flashing
Over temperature alarm adjustable 0 ~179 °F (1 second interval after over temperature buzzer) temperature value flashing
Low-voltage alarm adjustable 10.5~ 60.0 V (1 second interval after low voltage buzzer) voltage value flashing
Working temperature -10 ~65 °C

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