PR41 ZA312, AC312, DA312 (Brown) Hearing Aid Battery - Rayovac Extra Size 312

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Dimensions: 7.9mm diameter x 3.6mm thick Nominal Voltage: 1.4V

These Rayovac Extra 312 (brown) Hearing Aid batteries offer a reliable and effective power source for compatible hearing aids. 

The colour coded packaging makes them easy to identify, with the improved tabs being 25 percent larger than in previous editions, making them simpler to extract from the packing and fit to the hearing aid.

They are also Rayovac's longest lasting battery every, offering energy security for long days out or journeys. The advanced anode which this model contains operates with new corrosion inhibitors, providing a speedy response in any situation where clarity of hearing is required.

These hearing aid batteries have a almost non-ending shelf life (they loose less than 5% a year with tab applied). Why not buy two or more, take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left without a hearing-aid next time your battery runs out.


  • Cell Chemistry: Zinc Air
  • Designation: ANSI/NEDA – 7002ZD, IEC – PR-41
  • Recommended Use: Hearing Aid Instruments
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.4 volts
  • Approximate Weight: .53 grams (.02 oz)
  • Approximate Volume: .17 CU CM (.01 CU IN)
  • Standard Capacity: 215 hours – 1500 OHM 12 hour/day discharge at 70° F (21° C) and 50% RH to 1.1 volts.
  • High Rate Pulse: 90 hours – 2 mA background 10 mA 100 mS pulse at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH once/hour 16 hours/day to 1.05 volts.
  • Storage Loss at 70°F (21°C): Less than 5% in one year with tab applied.
  • Environmental: Zinc Air batteries pose no threat to the Environment. They pass the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s toxicity tests for Mercury, Cadmium and Lead.
  • Activation And Use: Remove and discard plastic tab covering air holes. Allow battery to stand for one minute to insure proper activation. Battery compartment must allow adequate oxygen supply to reach air holes.
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PR41 ZA312, AC312, DA312 (Brown) Hearing Aid Battery - Rayovac Extra Size 312