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Professional grade general-purpose miniature reed switch with rhodium contacts.
  • Professional grade general-purpose miniature reed switch with rhodium contacts
  • Gives superior life switching relatively heavy loads in a miniature glass package 
  • Has ability maintain low contact resistance over life switching light duty logic level loads 
  • Normal applications include liquid level sensors, security systems, reed relays, proximity sensors and counting devices

Physical Characteristics

AGlass Length (max.)14.2mm
BOverall Length (max.)54mm
CGlass Diameter (max.)2.3mm
DLead Diameter (nom.)0.6mm

Electrical Characteristics

Contact ArrangementForm A (SPST), Center Gap
Contact MaterialRhodium
Power Rating110VA maximum
Switching Current (Max.)1.0 Amp. DC, 1.0 Amp. AC
Carry Current (Max.)1.5 Amp. DC, 1.5 Amp. AC
Switching Voltage (Max.)100 VDC, 125 VAC
Breakdown Voltage (Min. @20AT) 2 200 Volts DC
Contact Resistance 3 100 Milliohms
Insulation Resistance (Min.)1012 ohms
Contact Capacitance (pf Max.)0.2 pf
  1. The specification for VA rating may sometimes be exceeded for less sensitive (higher AT) switches, and should be decreased for very sensitive (lower AT) switches. Standex-Meder Electronics will run life tests specific to a customer’s load upon request.
  2. Breakdown voltage is measured in the presence of a radioactive ionising source. Switch leakage current is limited to 100 microamperes
  3. Contact resistance measurements are made at 10ma from a 1-volt source, with 50% overdrive, using a 4-wire (Kelvin) measuring system. Contact probes are located on 43 mm centres.

Minimum Switching Life with Standard Test Loads, using 20AT switch

Voltage5 VDC10 VDC12 VDC24 VDC100 VDC125 VAC
Current2 mA1 A10 mA10 mA100 mA80 mA
Life100 x 106 1 x 106 100 x 1065 x 106 1 x 106 1 x 106
Note: End of life is defined as contact resistance exceeding one ohm and/or failure to operate.

Operating Characteristics

Magnetic Sensitivity (Range - Pull In)10 to 50 Ampere Turns
Magnetic Sensitivity (Range - Drop Out)(See chart below)
Operate Time, including bounce (typ.)0.6 Milliseconds
Release Time (typ.)0.1 Milliseconds
Resonant Frequency (typ.)3.0 kHz
Vibration, 10-2,000 Hz (G's Max.)50 G
Shock, 11-ms. 1/2 Sine wave (G's Max.)100 G
Operating Temperature-40°C to + 125°C
Storage Temperature-50°C to + 155°C

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Reed Switch