P94 Dual Esc And Mixer 2 X 20 Amps ACTion Electronics®

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Two 20A electronic speed controllers and a multi-function mixer in one case! 6v to 24v operation. Can operate twin Bow and Stern thrusters (traverse or spin mode selected with rudder stick) OR as a conventional 50% or 100% twin main-motor mixer, with fully adjustable degree of mixing OR as two independent ESCs e.g. for 'tank steering'. Modes selectable via on-board switches. Cased size 73mm x 50mm x 28mm plus heatsinks. Battery cables already fitted; screw connection for motors. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FUTABA 6J OR SKYSPORT 2.4GHZ RADIO SETS. The older Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz and 40MHz Skysport radios are fine, however.
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